Store some EVA FILM, SGP INTERLAYER, Green tapes, Thermal cutter, or Silicone bags before New Year vacation?

Good day, Dear All: The 2020 New Year vacation is coming, and we may also start China Spring Vacation from Jan15 – Feb5 2020, which will make our production schedule very busy in the coming month, so we kindly remind you to prepare some storage of EVA FILM, SGP INTERLAYER , Green tapes, Thermal cutter, […]

Recipe of Heating SGP Laminated Glass in EVA Vacuum Ovens Following data is based on [6mmGLASS+0.76mmSGP+6mmGLASS], if you laminating thicker interlayer or glass, please keep the temperature, but prolong the holding time for both stages by 10-30mins. 【1】A lot of EVA ovens work slightly differently, so you need to do some adjusting by yourselves along the way. […]