Reviews from our clients of EVA THERMAL CUTTER

Reviews from our clients of EVA THERMAL CUTTER

Thermal Cutter
to clean laminated glass edges overflowed remains of EVA, PVB, SGP etc.

What Others are Saying about Us:
Review from clients Good Morning Peter,
Sorry about the delay in getting this info to you, the thermal cutters are working very well, we are very happy with them.
I am sure we will be ordering more from you over the coming year so thank you for all your help on this matter. Regards Be in touch soon
Review from clients Peter, The Thermal Cutters were received 10/9, in the afternoon. I have already used them and they work great. Much better than the method I was using before.
Review from clients Dear Olivia, My people are very happy with the cutting tool.
Review from clients Peter, Yes, we received the cutters. We have already been using them and they work very nicely.Thank you for your help.
Review from clients Dear Olivia, We have good result with EVA thermal cutter, my colleague will contact you to place new order.
Review from clients Peter, the cutter works good on small pieces of SGP laminated glass.
Review from clients Hi Peter, The cutter works great.. I want to order another one. same order. I will send funds paypal,Thanks,

When making laminated glass with EVA interlayer film(or PVB interlayer, SGP interlayer) there may be some overflowed EVA interlayer remains (or PVB remains, SGP remains) on the edges of laminated glass after heating in the oven, the Thermal Cutter is a handhold tool to clean the laminated glass edges overflowed remains easily and effectively.

How it work:
The blade of the Thermal Cutter can be up to 500℃ in seconds. The Thermal Cutter is trimming the overflowed interlayer remains NOT by strength or sharp, but by Ultra High Temperature Heat: 500℃. So no matter whether the interlayer film is EVA INTERLAYER FILM, PVB INTERLAYER, or SGP INTERLAYER, the Thermal Cutter can do good job at cleaning in all situations.

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