Which manufacturer of LAMINATING VACUUMING MACHINE would you recomend for the EVA INTERLAYER GLASS LAMINATION?
Can you share the best EVA laminating vacuuming oven manufacturer with us?

EVA LAMINATED GLASS INTERLAYER FILMS offer a selection of color and opacity not achievable with other glass glazings such as coatings, glass substrates, silk-screen or spandrel glass; Which is especially true with bright, vivid colors as well as transparent, opaque or translucent(frosted aesthetic).

Acoustic-EVA laminated glass reduces noise transmission due to the sound damping characterstics of the eva glass safety interlayers.

EVA GLASS INTERLAYER is more compatible with many kinds of lamiantion inserts materials. So, EVA GLASS INTERLAYER has less possibility of the problem with bubbles or delamination than PVB GLASS INTERLAYER. So, EVA GLASS INTERLAYER FILM has high yield rate of producing, reducing cost of lamianting glazing.

EVA GLASS INTERLAYER has advantages against PVB INTERLAYER in againg resistance with heat and mositure. EVA GLASS INTERLAYER has high durability against heat and mositure.

The EVA GLASS INTERLAYER has good stability after long storage, and the storage can last more than 12 months if the EVA GLASS INTERLAYER is good sealed packed and stored at a temperature lower than 35C degrees.

EVAFORCE EVA GLASS INTERLAYER FILM: the adhesive strength of EVA INTERLAYER FILM to glass can reach: 1800g/cm, the adhesive strength of EVA INTERLAYER to PET FILM can reach 1900g/cm, and the adhesive strength of EVA INTERLAYER to aluminum can reach 900g/cm.

The EVA LAMINATED SAFETY GLASS can be installed in open edges exposed to weather way. EVAFORCE SUPER+ EVA INTERLAYER FILM

EVAFORCE EVA INTERLAYER FILM can be stored at room temperature and processed with silicone vacuum bag simple laminating oven, is highly adhesive to many kinds of materials besides glass, and has excellent sound insulating properties in the high frequency by 36dB without additional special layer between EVA films.